Other national level programs

Tetradic National Seminar (2008)

Venue: SDM College of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences, Ujire

The proceedings from the conference, which included papers in English, Kannada and Hindi were brought out along with the Proceedings of National Ayurveda Congress (see below). It was appropriately named Panchamukhi, representing the five faces of Indic Sciences – Spiritual, Social, Health, Agricultural and Engineering sciences.
Pathanjaleeyam: Psychospiritual, Philosophical sciences etc.
Kautilyeeyam: Arthasastra, Economic and Political Sciences, Management, etc.
Parashareeyam: Agricultural, Horicultural and Animal Sciences, Fisheries, Forestry, etc.
Bharadvajeeyam: Civil, Mechanical, Aerospace, Energy, Transportation, and similar Engineering sciences, including Information technology, Bio-technology, Nano-technology.

National Ayurveda Congress (2007)

Venue: Alva’s Ayurveda College, Moodbidre

Dhanvantari Swasthya Vedike had conducted a seminar and workshop on “Metals & Minerals in ayurveda” by the Bellary unit, and the ” Ayurveda Mulika Mela” by the Dharwad unit.

Triadic National Seminar - Dhanvantareeyam - Bhaskareeyam - Bharateeyam (2006)

Venue: Indian Heritage Academy, Bengaluru
The Proceedings (Sastratrayi) contains all the the papers presented at the national seminar. Papers were presented in English, Kannada and Hindi
Dhanvatareeyam on Ayurveda and Holistic Health Sciences
Bhaskareeyam on the March of Mathematics through the Ages
Bharateeyam on the March of the sciences of Music and Arts