Our objectives

Swadeshi Vijnana Andolana Karnataka aspires to popularize Bharatiya scientific achievements and secure the future of scientific thinking, working and communication in Kannada at all levels (popular, educational and professional). Towards this goal, SVAK disseminates past and present scientific knowledge in Kannada through various platforms.

The following are our detailed objectives:

  • To spearhead an active science movement with a Swadeshi spirit in the Kannada language at the popular, collegiate and research levels, dealing with traditional as well as modern sciences
  • To rejuvenate Swadeshi Sciences such as Ayurveda, Siddha, Yoga, Vedic & Indic Mathematics, Vaastu Vidya etc. and interface them with modern sciences
  • To pioneer a Swadeshi movement in this age of science and globalization so that the interests of Bharata in general, and of Karnataka and the Kannadigas in particular, are protected in all aspects
  • To champion the cause of Indian heritage, in particular Karnataka’s heritage, in science, engineering, technology, and allied sciences
  • To motivate the students and young scientists towards greater creativity and originality through competitive and cooperative activities
  • To establish district and institutional units of Swadeshi Vijnana Andolana and coordinate their activities
  • To publish books and journals, and organize seminars and workshops etc. especially in Kannada, on the developments in science and technology and on development policies
  • To establish educational institutions, training centres, and research establishments for the development and propagation of these programs
  • To conduct science and technology entrepreneurship development programs, especially in Kannada, on the theme: Industries with Indigenous Technologies
  • To honour persons of eminence and erudition through the conferment of fellowship and puraskaras
  • To interface with Government and non-Governmental agencies and R&D institutions for the development of appropriate policies on education, economics, science, engineering, technology, industry, business and the like
  • To take up all such charitable activities which will benefit people through sciences and technologies, both traditional and modern
  • To affiliate with other organizations with similar aims and objectives for the furtherance of these objectives, nationally and internationally